Mobile Detailing Services

The Pit Stop Mobile Detailing can provide any automotive detailing service you need. From basic and full service detailing and new car protection to automotive restoration, paint correction, and show car preparation, let The Pit Stop Mobile Detailing provide you with high quality, first rate service every time.


Pollen, food crumbs, and daily dirt and grime don’t stand a chance with our above-standard car wash.

Services include:

  • Exterior hand wash (including wheels)
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Interior vacuum
  • Dashboard wiped
  • Door jams wiped and dried
  • Chamois dried
  • Tires dressed to shine


The Pit Stop service is ideal to maintain your new car finish or for our return clients who want to maintain their recently detailed vehicle.

Services include all STARTING POLE Services PLUS:

  • Floor mats shampooed
  • Spray wax (shine enhancing)


With Southwest Florida’s rough weather conditions, a good wax is vital to maintain your vehicle’s paint and protect your investment.

Services include all PIT STOP Services PLUS:

  • High quality carnuba/teflon hand wax


Treat your vehicle like the winner it is by having it pampered with our 5-star package. This full service detail thoroughly cleans your vehicle inside and out for maximum enjoyment and performance.

Services include all services from our other packages, PLUS:

  • Carpets shampooed
  • 4-step paint treatment
  • Fabric and leather conditioned
  • Engine bay cleaned and shined

Add-On Services


Tired of yellow/foggy lights?
We have the solution for clean and clear headlights, fog lamps, side markers, and rear lights.


When paint is sprayed, it leaves behind a rough and bumpy texture that can easily be damp sanded and made smooth with the proper technique and equipment. Follow up with our paint correction process for an exquisite shine.


Many contaminants, such as bird droppings, sap, etc., and improper buffing can leave behind stains and minor scratches/buff lines on your vehicle’s paint. Through a detailed restoration and refinement process, we can leave your vehicle with a smooth and clear reflection.


Improper prep on a house, building, road, etc., can leave overspray lines on your personal vehicle. Our overspray removal process will remove unsightly lines without jeopardizing your vehicle’s paint or finish.


Although we all do our best to keep moisture from entering our vehicles, the seals wear out or we forget to roll up our windows, and eventually moisture may find its way in and develops into mold. Not only is mold unappealing to the eye, but it can also be hazardous to your health. Our mold removal services will eliminate mold from your vehicle and leave it smelling fresh.


Get the dull, lackluster metal on your vehicle looking like new with our metal polishing services.

Dealer Services

Pre-Delivery Inspections/New Car Prep
Lot Washes
Full Service Detailing
Paint Protection Applications